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Dear Aspiring Millionaire Plumber,

Hi, My name is Paul Brackley. I remember back to the very day when I started my plumbing career and went on my first job 27 years ago.

Time has certainly flown by since then, and today, I've experienced pretty much everything that goes on in a plumbing business from doing the work to running the company.

After many of my friends and colleagues asking me various questions to do with the plumbing business, I thought I'd set up this website to share exactly how I've succeeded in the business in order to share with other aspiring successful plumbers the steps they need to take to make it happen for themselves.

I've put together some of my best ideas, strategies for success and tools in a FREE 5 part Mini Course which you will receive once every 3 days via e-mail. Each e-mail will reveal to you a new strategy or step to help you propel your plumbing business to the next level. Amongst other things, you will begin to discover...

tick box How to get more clients for your plumbing business
tick box 3 simple ways to discover the incredible principles that will save you an enormous amount of time, money and headaches in your business
tick box The little-known way to apply the most valuable marketing principles that you will ever learn
tick box 5 proven steps to crushing your competition
tick box 2 simple keys to promote your plumbing business for free in your local area
tick box Discover in a matter of minutes how to flush away all those annoying business, marketing and customer problems that seem to hold you back
tick box 4 proven strategies for promoting and advertising your business so that it stands head and shoulders above your competitors
tick box 7 tips and tricks for getting new customers for free using the internet
tick box A dirt-cheap way to kick start your business to millionaire status within 90 days
tick box How to joint venture with other trades so you can create multiple streams of income
tick box REVEALED! The hidden truth behind what really gives you immense personal wealth
tick box Your secret weapon for avoiding all those problems that prevent customer loyalty
tick box Plus much, much more!

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